Green Award for Chemical Luna

After a long and challenging voyage our Chemical Luna arrived in Amsterdam.

She faced two area’s of low pressure while crossing Biscay with extremely strong winds. Despite that, the crew was ready again for another challenge.

Besides the normal discharge operations the vessel was going to be inspected for the Green award initiative in which Chemship is participating.

Earlier this month the office of Fleet management, our technical managers in Hong Kong was successfully audited on distance, via their Amsterdam hub office and teams interviews.

The Green award is a quality mark for ships that demonstrates high safety and environmental standards.

All over the world Green award certifies ships and managers that prove their dedication to high quality, safety and environmental standards.

This is something what fits Chemship like a glove and serves “the industry favorite” initiative.

The inspection went really well, for which we like to thank our crew and our technical managers FML.

A few days later we got the final confirmation and currently we’ve received the actual “Greenaward”.

We really appreciate the efforts of the people involved and we are proud that we’ve managed to obtain this high quality certificate.

To keep the spirit high and to thank our crew for their hard work and their suffering through the storm we took the opportunity to surprise them with a beautiful cake for the occasion!

Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication!


Michiel Marelis

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