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Example Spam Email



Dear Sirs,

We would appreciate a quotation from your company for the product items as per attachment, delivered alongside in your Good Port.

Prices in USD, VAT excluded.

Thank you so much for your kind attention and revert.

Many Thanks

Best regards,

Valerio Manca

Business Development Manager – Government and Agencies

Defence & Security

Essebaan 65 | 2908LJ Capelle aan den IJssel | The Netherlands

T: +31 346 559 892 | M: +31 615 542 196 | IM – ICE ID: vnanca

E-mail: operations@chemshlp.com |

W: www.chemship.com


Please note again, apart from the senders address and the ICE id of Valerio. All other details are correct.

Kindly asking to request your IT provider to block operations@chemshlp.com

that is ship with an L…


Regrettably we can do nothing else than to notify our valued business relations and report the issue to the police for their further action.



Thanks very much for your understanding.

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